Daily Archives: July 5, 2007

The green politics dilemma

An e-mail purportedly from one of the Canadian Green Party’s founders, posted on Mark Bourrie’s Ottawa Watch, demonstrates the problem pretty much any green movement is going to have if it tries to go mainstream: are we going to compromise a bit and work within the system and get things done, or are we going to squat in canvas tents and have all the time in the world to be smug about how non-hierarchical we are because nobody’s calling because nobody cares what we think?

The greens sadly are now just browns and just another stinkingly normal party that only wants our money and nothing else. That’s all we get in the mail and its what you’ve reduced our efforts to. It’s being noticed by the press and by our colleagues who inquire as to what kinda shit the greens have become with this kind of hierarchy now in violation of our original intents and purposes.A most unworthy lot that takes AND TAKES AND TAKES money from good working people who trusted GREENS as that original party we once founded as a doorway to a new age of hope for a logical and inclusive democratic system.

More on this soon.