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Column day!

My column in today’s Ottawa Citizen, about various ways of getting rid of old stuff, is here.

Weekly column link

Here’s my column in today’s Ottawa Citizen, on how the Ontario government’s plan to charge a modest fee to take water from the province’s waterways doesn’t go far enough.

Until now, we’ve handled water in much the same way as we’ve handled air: It belongs to all of us, so you can more or less do what you like with it unless you’re doing something blatantly harmful. For that, you need a permit.

Latest column

My latest Ottawa Citizen column, on charging people directly for the garbage they produce, is here.

New column

My latest Ottawa Citizen column, on the Menu Foods pet-food recall, is here.

Its latest annual report, covering 2005, paints a gloomy picture. Year-over-year sales were down, and costs for raw materials and packaging were going up. Fuel for deliveries got expensive after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Aluminum and steel got more expensive, affecting Menu’s canning operations. The company buys empty food pouches in Europe and sells much of its finished product in the U.S., meaning it was squeezed at one end by the rising Canadian dollar and at the other end by the rising euro.

Tradeoffs in green construction

My latest Ottawa Citizen column, on the challenges of building green — specifically for Telus’s new Ottawa HQ — is here.