Two oily quickies

1) This would be wrong morally, economically and practically, but poetically, there’s no denying the appeal:

So the oil companies are once again boasting record profits and yet the auto makers are asking for some government cheese.  Does anyone else see the irony here?  So I’ve got a little trickle down theory of my own.  As long as Detroit continues to make cars for the Gas-Capades let the oil companies bail them out.

(Hat-tip: Sullivan.)

2) It’s a little surprising this didn’t happen more six months ago, when the cargo would have been worth twice as much, but it’s a hell of a target of opportunity.

3 responses to “Two oily quickies

  1. Perhaps the pirates spent too much time in the planning phase and decided, even with the drop in oil, “ah hell, why not?”
    Frankly, if I were a pirate, I’d walk around with my little parrot, say “aarrrrggg” in every other word and force people to walk my plank. Yep, I’d bring the old school pirate thing back… sorry, got caught up there in the moment. Really, though, if I were a pirate, I would wait for the price of oil to rise and then go for it.

  2. Why would oil companies bailing out automakers be wrong? Wouldn’t that just be a vertical market like any other?

  3. Sorry — by all means let the oil companies bail the car companies out voluntarily.

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