The Green Shift isn’t central: Dion

This is one of those semi-gaffes that sinks campaigns.

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said today that his Green Shift plan featuring a controversial carbon tax is not a major part of his election platform.

“You have said it was but never me,” Dion told reporters.

His surprise declaration follows by a day campaign appearances in the Toronto area where he failed to mention it once in his speeches.

Dion released the Green Shift plan in June in Ottawa with great fanfare. It proposes to tax fossil fuels while cutting taxes for lower and middle income Canadians.

“I have always said it was an important policy for Canada. I strongly believe it would be good for Canada,” he told reporters.

You can see what he’s getting at. Dion and the Liberals aren’t just running on the Green Shift. They do actually have a bunch of other ideas and proposals, which they’ve been trickling out as the campaign progresses, as parties will.

But that’s not what he said, and what he said is that the platform plank that he’s allowed everybody to believe is central to the Liberal campaign is not, in fact, central to the Liberal campaign.

I suspect this is a mortal wound.


One response to “The Green Shift isn’t central: Dion

  1. Turns out the Toronto Star didn’t include the rest of Dion’s answer which said the Green Shift was an important part of their plan and, in fact, the foundation. Since the actual question has not been published, it is not clear what the few words the Toronto Star quoted actually mean, but the intent of the entire answer was clear — Dion was emphasizing the importance of the Green Shift.

    So, if this is a mortal wound, it happens to be one inflicted by a Toronto Star reporter taking a few words out of context.

    Since, Dion continues to sell the Green Shift, though, I don’t see how this one piece of misinformation can itself be mortal.

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