Subsidies to big companies are NOT conservative

Bit of an up-and-down day as the federal Conservative government doles out goodies in advance of an expected election call.

The up: Pushing the use of low-speed electric trucks, mostly for whirring around large industrial sites, ports, resorts and that kind of thing.

The down: Eighty freaking million dollars for Ford, in a “repayable” loan in support of a project to build greener engines. Big engines, mind you, for big cars — the same ones the Ontario Liberals kicked in $30 million for not long ago. The Tories say that that the outside, their loan will “create or sustain” 757 jobs, making the price tag about $106,000 per, in a project that apparently no bank or other professional investment entity was interested in supporting.

The Conservatives must know this is nuts, contrary to every economic principle they have previously espoused. Governments shouldn’t pick winners, even in pursuit of worthy causes like environmentalism. But apparently when there’s an election to win, all that goes out the window. It’s troubling that there’s no longer any party that seems to stand for letting big companies live or die on their own.

2 responses to “Subsidies to big companies are NOT conservative

  1. All I can say is that I hope Ford puts that money to good use, though if that doesn’t happen I won’t be surprised.
    When it comes to the environment, companies will eventually realize that selling more efficient cars is more profitable especially in a world of high gas prices. When consumers vote for the environment with their dollars, companies will continue. Thee government can only hurt the economy by making it unprofitable to produce and giving money for nothing.

  2. They should eliminate all the hidden taxes such as corporate income taxes and make on single sales tax that isn’t hidden. The workers are taxed with hidden taxes probably up to 4 times before they even buy a product.

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