Saving the far suburbs, latest in a series

John Robb’s got an idea: hyperlocalized agriculture.

The return to local agriculture within suburban and urban environments won’t be a redux of amateur gardening nor will it be done on local traditional farms (mostly, long since paved over). Instead it will feature high tech, intense, and energy efficient efforts on clusters of small plots. In short, it will buffer families from the risk of soft and hard disruptions as well as provide an opportunity for income generation. In fact, we are already seeing signs of resilience entrepreneurs in this space.

The idea is to have a farm that’s aggressively customized to local conditions — sun, rain, etc. — and built to make a major contribution to feeding its neighbours and those a little beyond, while remaining small enough not to put a major strain on local infrastructure by, for instance, sucking all the water out of a local river or polluting it beyond repair with effluent.

One thing’s sure about such efforts: you’re not likely to get regular updates on them like this one.

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