Harper’s case

As disappointing (albeit expected) as the G8 countries’ meaningless declaration on their plans to cut greenhouse-gas emissions is, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s remarks on the subject are the most compelling sum-up of his views I’ve heard yet:

“The argument that we should do more is an interesting argument, but it can’t be made by those who aren’t doing anything, so I think the pressure will be on them to do something,” the prime minister told reporters at the luxury hotel where the summit was held.

In the coming years, developing countries will account for the overwhelming majority of the world’s emissions, Harper noted.

“I could show you the graphs. We cannot control greenhouse gases in the developed world alone,” he said.

“By 2050, the developed world will probably represent no more than 20 per cent of emissions, so when we say we need participation by developing countries, this is not a philosophical position. This is a mathematical certainty.”

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