The thing about Liberals is that they act like Liberals

Rightish Green activist and sometime candidate John Ogilvie isn’t thrilled by the federal Liberals’ insistence on combining a carbon tax with wealth redistribution:

Personally, I’m pissed that Dion is mashing together a carbon tax shift AND an assortment of anti-poverty, child-tax-credit initiatives. It’s not that I’m against these income-redistribution initiatives, but I am smart enough as a citizen to consider the carbon tax shift and the income-redistribution projects SEPARATELY.

By failing to make the tax shift truly neutral for all taxpayers, Dion has prevented us from making a good clean case for the Green tax shift.

True. Though in fairness, even green Liberals aren’t Greens. Stéphane Dion is up-front about the idea that his party should stand for three principles — economic prosperity, social justice and environmental consciousness — and it’s a trademark of the party that the three all kind of get munged up together in many policies, so it’s hard to tell what the point of any particular measure is. No reason why a carbon tax should be any different.


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