John McCain’s priorities

Ezra Klein points out the gap between the Republican presidential candidates words and his … well, his other words:

He supports a “market-based program” to “beat climate change” in the abstract, but he also wants gas tax holidays, domestic drilling incentives, megapork for nuclear and coal, no boosts in sector-specific efficiency or fuel economy standards, limited public investment, and enormous tax cuts. When the abstraction bumps into the conservative interest group, the abstraction gives way. Yep. McCain totally believes in global warming and the need to get away from fossil fuels. He has a policy that will do this by raising the price of carbon, and thus of fossil fuels. He also believes fossil fuels should be cheap and plentiful, and has policies meant to lower the price of gasoline and drill more oil.


One response to “John McCain’s priorities

  1. Whoever is the next President will have some serious problems when it comes to addressing global problems, whether it is climate change or others. Anything that business sees against its interest will prompt them to pressure for no action or weak action, arguing that investment and jobs could move overseas. They may well might if there isn´t coordinated action by countries. On climate change that could be something like the ´Contraction and Convergence´ proposal being discussed for inclusion as part of the Simultaneous Policy. That is a package of measures being developed by people around the world and is a way for US citizens to reclaim their sovereignty from powerful vested interests. If you are unfamiliar with it, take a look at:

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