The Greens throw in the towel

Here’s Maclean’s‘s Paul Wells on the federal Green Party’s giving up hope and becoming an anti-Tory party rather than a positive force unto itself.

A bunch of senior federal Greens have quit their party posts; at least one in my neck of the woods, John Ogilvie, is refocusing on the provincial party instead.

Look, you want to be in electoral politics, you have to try to win something from time to time. Looks like the federal Green Party would rather be a lobby group.


2 responses to “The Greens throw in the towel

  1. Another former GPC federal councillor Mark Taylor has written some great material on what GPC needs to do in order to succeed AS A POLITICAL PARTY. His blog is at

    I expect to run as a federal candidate in a fall 08 election – I just don’t know WHERE yet 🙂

  2. It’s important to realize that in the Ottawa area many Greens are former Conservatives, even former Reformers. And we don’t win over Tory voters to the Green Party by demonizing the current government.

    The “Anybody But Harper” approach is specific to the current party leadership.

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