A right to food II

Pig snouts in Chongqing

Photo credit: “Chonqing snout,” Flickr/Addictive Picasso

This, for instance is what happens when governments start to protect the “right to farm.”

In what is being called an unprecedented move, the federal government will pay Canadian pork producers $50 million to kill off 150,000 of their pigs by the fall as the industry teeters on the brink of economic collapse.

The animals are being destroyed at slaughter plants and on pig farms in a bid to cull the swine breeding herd by 10 per cent.

Most of the meat is to be used for pet food or otherwise disposed of, but up to 25 per cent of it will be made available to Canadian food banks.

“The value that the market is providing to hog farmers for their breeding animals has fallen to virtually nothing,” said Martin Rice, executive director of the Canadian Pork Council on Monday.

“It is due to the economic collapse of the industry. These are farms that families have spent decades building up. We cannot see relief coming. It is agonizing for them. It takes a toll.”

This will keep farmers going, which means they’ll keep raising uneconomic pigs, which means they’ll keep the price of feed artificially high, which means maybe Jean Ziegler has at least some kind of a point after all, even if it’s hard to tell who are the wingnuts in this situation anymore.


One response to “A right to food II

  1. That’s bizarre. I will never truly understand economics. I wonder if this subsidy/incentive is being offered to the huge, filthy, industrial farmers too?

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