Maybe price does matter

Canadians used more petroleum products than ever in the last reporting period, says Statistics Canada, but less regular unleaded gasoline:

Sales of refined petroleum products increased in five of the seven major product groups in December 2007 compared with December 2006.

Sales totalled 8 500 800 cubic metres, up 2.6% year-over-year. (One cubic metre is equivalent to 6.3 barrels.)

Heavy fuel oil sales showed the biggest increase, registering a gain of 132 900 cubic metres or 23.7%. Diesel fuel oil sales rose 6.0% or 122 100 cubic metres. Motor gasoline sales were up 2.5% or 85 300 cubic metres.

Sales of mid-grade gasoline (+14.7%) and premium gasoline (+3.2%) increased while regular non-leaded gasoline sales fell 2.6%.

Maybe drivers think more expensive gasoline will yield more efficiency?


One response to “Maybe price does matter

  1. Funny, considering the energy content of the lower grade fuel is higher.

    Maybe it was just cold weather.

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