Two appointees to the NRTEE

One obviously good, one … not obviously good. The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy is the Canadian federal government’s think tank on environmental economics, and it’s full of serious people who do serious long-term work on what environmental policy will do to that Canadian economy over time. The NRTEE takes climate change seriously and has been urging action on the file as an economic necessity, which is a refreshing perspective and one that’s difficult for a Conservative government to ignore, try though it might.

Anyway, the two appointees to the NRTEE board are Elizabeth Brubaker and Anthony Dale.

It’ll be obvious why I like Brubaker: as executive director of Environment Probe, she’s advocated for the idea that many environmental problems are consequences of lousy public policy that creates market failures and perverse incentives to make anti-environmental choices.

Dale has no obvious qualifications for his new position other than being, presumably, a smart guy. He’s a lobbyist for the Ontario Hospital Association and spent several years working in the offices of Progressive Conservative cabinet ministers in Ontario, many of whom are now ministers in the federal Conservative government. Even the news release announcing the appointment doesn’t suggest he has any particular background in either environment or economic policy.


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