Daily Archives: December 24, 2007

Why conservatives should care

Climate Progress has a two-part post on why (mostly U.S.) conservatives should care about climate change that’s worth a read.

Climate Progress’s idea of conservatism is a little simplistic — Part Two talks about the potential of emissions-reducing R&D to create jobs as if the means by which those jobs are created is immaterial, for instance, which isn’t the way my kind of conservative sees the question — but the basic argument stands. I particularly liked this line from a Republican state governor noted in the piece:

“The real inconvenient truth about climate change,” says Republican Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, “is that some people are losing their rights and freedoms because of the actions of others — in either the quality of the air they breathe, the geography they hold dear, the insurance costs they bear or the future environment of the children they love.”

That’s just right, and should be reason enough for a lover of freedom to care about the issue regardless of anything else. The principle matters.

(Via Grist Mill.)