A dizzying calculation

Trying to figure out whether local produce is more environmentally sound than stuff brought in from hundreds or thousands of miles away?

Might as well give up.


2 responses to “A dizzying calculation

  1. This reminds me of the point a voter made to me when I was campaigning: flourescent light bulbs do waste 80% of their energy as heat compared to incandescents, but in Canada, for most of the year, that heat is USEFUL in a house 🙂

    Actually, having typed that, I think I see the fallacy, since electricity is an inefficient way to generate heat..

    These eco-calculations are not simple, and we have to avoid black-vs-white arguments.

  2. You’re right about the inefficiency, of course, plus there’s the part of the year when the heat is a giant pain in the arse and chances are you have another electrical cooling device battling it out with your incandescents to try to keep the place comfortable.

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