The poorest suffer most

All the usual disclaimers apply: you can’t blame any particular catastrophic weather event on global warming trends, and Bangladesh has certainly had devastating encounters with monster storms before.

But still, the scientific consensus is that a warmer planet means more energy to fuel more and (see comments) bigger storms, and that means more grief for the people least able to protect themselves.

Grief like Cyclone Sidr, currently a Category Four headed straight for a floodplain with millions of profoundly poor people living on it.


One response to “The poorest suffer most

  1. IPCC AR4 WG1, Chapter 10, page 751:

    Tropical cyclones:

    “Most recent published modelling studies
    investigating tropical storm frequency simulate a decrease in
    the overall number of storms…with an increase in the numbers of
    the most intense tropical cyclones.”

    Mid-latitude storms:

    “Model projections show fewer mid-latitude storms averaged
    over each hemisphere…The increased wind speeds result in more
    extreme wave heights in those regions.”

    So, if anything, AR4 predicts fewer, but more intense storms.

    “more and bigger storms” (Bigger – yes, More-no.)

    but of course, this takes at face value still rather tenuous projections…

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