Greens pull ahead of NDP in a national poll

Apparently this is a first. It is just one poll, and I’d very much like to see a second one to indicate that it’s not just an artifact of the margin of error, but it’s still good news for the party.

Its Toronto Centre candidate (and occasional EcoLibertarian commenter) Chris Tindal has some fairly generous words for the New Democrats, and I think he’s right:

The NDP have a legitimate and important role to play in Canadian politics; I just can’t understand why they’re not playing it. If I were to offer some unsolicited advice, it would be as follows. Be true to yourselves. Stand up for traditionally “left wing,” socialist principals. Put away the focus groups and the talking points, the negative tone and the overly partisan rhetoric. Let Layton be Layton: think back to his excellent work as a city councilor in Toronto, when he was committed to getting things done instead of “getting things done,” if you get my meaning.

I don’t agree with the NDP about much, but they speak for people who mustn’t be forgotten and leader Jack Layton’s useless sanctimony obviously isn’t doing them any good.


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