Price rage

I nearly bought Hot Air, the new book on Canadian climate-change policy co-written by the Globe‘s Jeffrey Simpson and environmental economists Mark Jaccard and Nic Rivers. Had it in my hand in Chapters. Signed copy and everything. Then I saw that the Canadian price was $29.99 and the U.S. price was a mere $19.99.

I haven’t been too worked up about Canadian retailers’ sloth in noticing that the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American, but come on. This is a book about Canada, by Canadians, published by a Canadian publishing house. Why on Earth should it cost 50 per cent more (actually even more than that, given the exchange rate) to buy it in Canada than in the States?

Except that it’s almost inconceivable any Americans would want to buy it, so the price had better be absurdly low there if they’re going to sell any copies at all.

McClelland and Stewart, which printed the price on the jacket, and Chapters, which didn’t cover it up with a new price sticker of their own, have a right to charge whatever they want. I have a right to put the thing back on the shelf. I did.


3 responses to “Price rage

  1. I did the infamous Buffalo trip last weekend for the first time. TOTALLY WORTH IT! For the exact same reasons you suggest. I’m all for Canada, but am sick of being hosed by Canadian retailers! UGH! Cross-border… here I come.

    Why don’t you try that Ottawa bookstore that Flaherty could have found the Potter book at US price plus $1? Apparently, it exists.

  2. You also have the right to pick it up from for $18.99 like I did. It’s worht the price – it’s a good read.

  3. Chapters Online is basically selling it at the U.S. price, but that’s with the half-dozen discounts the online store normally applies. There, it should be something like $15.

    The Montreal Gazette sent somebody out with a fistful of American dollars, trying to pay American-dollar prices for things, particularly books.

    Absolutely not, was the tone of the response she got. It’s getting silly.

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