Sowing iron

It’s unrealistic to expect a 20-hour symposium on whether sowing the oceans with iron can help fight climate change to reach a definitive conclusion, but it’s good to see serious people looking at the question. And not just whether it can work, but what the best methods might be.

You’ll recall that this is what Planktos, a for-profit carbon-credit company, set out to do last spring despite outrage about its plans to feed phytoplankton in sensitive ocean ecosystems near the Galapagos. CEO Russ George is even on the list of attendees.

(Via the Adam Smith Institute Blog.)


One response to “Sowing iron

  1. There is very little reason to believe we have the ability to manage a global ecosystem. I’m very concerned that this line of reasoning leads to false hope and distractions from real solutions and necessary adaptation.

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