Today’s column: how the Greens have grown

Here’s my column in today’s Ottawa Citizen, on the striking progress the Green party has made in finding credible candidates, based on having met a whole bunch of them during the current Ontario election campaign:

The Greens are increasingly small-business owners and engineers, fewer and fewer of what Green leader Frank de Jong himself jokingly calls “nuts, fruits and flakes.” (He hit the Citizen‘s boardroom last Friday.)

De Jong admits he started out as one of them, a music teacher drawn to the party of tree-hugging and year-round sandal-wearing. But he’s learned the hard way that people like that, however committed, don’t win elections. They’ve been joined, though, by castoffs and renegades from other parties — disaffected Tories, mostly, but Liberals and New Democrats, too, who want to make more fundamental changes in the province than those parties advocate.


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