Sighing about APEC

I can’t think of much to add about the nearly meaningless deal on greenhouse-gas emissions the APEC leaders reached last week, except these two small points.

  1. It’s kind of discouraging that a draft of the “final communiqué” leaked nearly a month ago (because almost all the work for these leaders’ summits is done beforehand by underlings) and firmly denounced by people with credibility on climate change nevertheless reflected pretty much exactly what the final final communiqué said.
  2. Having major industrialized countries, including China and the United States and others led by people who’d rather do nothing (Canada and Australia, in particular), committing to the idea that we have a problem we have to do something about and making specific promises to have future talks … at least that’s something. It’s 25 years late and repeating a process we’ve already worked through, but we’re not talking about how unclear the science is for a change.

That’s all. Sigh.


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