A pause

Just as I’ve built up a good head of steam and the numbers are on a marked upward trend, I’m going to take a couple of weeks off writing.


But I’m pretty sure it’s the right thing to do. You only get married once, after all. Inshallah.

Comments are all being held for moderation while I’m away, so you can write, but they won’t go up till I’m back paying attention here again. That should be on or about August 20.

In the meantime, why not subscribe to the EcoLibertarian RSS feed, so that you don’t have to keep coming back to check whether I’m posting again? Just click here.

Anyway, be back soon.

(Photo credit:Lover’s tree,” Flickr/robennals.)


One response to “A pause

  1. hi david.

    good thinking + well written = excellent job.

    thank you for all this intellectual goods on your page.

    roman from switzerland.

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