Planktos responds

Russ George, chief executive of Planktos (whose plankton-feeding activities I’ve written about here and here) has posted a long statement as a comment here.

A taste:

Media around the world have been seen stampeding into regurgitations of an orchestrated campaign of press releases that criticize the plans of our Planktos. These press releases have employed a classic Straw Man Attack first describing our work falsely then criticizing our company for this fabricated misleading description. Ordinarily one expects the editors of media to not fall prey to such a transparent fallacious attack when any even cursory fact checking reveals the intentionally false and misleading character of these press releases. However in this case when the prestigious World Wildlife Fund added its name to those employing this Straw Man Attack it seems journalists and editors everywhere assumed there was no need to fact check the press release of WWF as they dutifully leapt to reproduce the WWF release and/or prepare their own versions of the story highly colored by the WWF Straw Man and in doing so help fabricate a controversy where none rightfully exists.


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