Crazy socialist billionaires

Good column from the Globe‘s John Barber today. He’s in New York following Toronto Mayor David Miller to the cities’ climate-change summit. I’m skeptical of people who talk about green policies as job-creators (in a previous era the same people were in favour of publicly funded road-building because of all the jobs involved for road crews), but that’s a passing point. Barber’s specifically pointing out how many moguls see the merits of cutting waste and increasing energy efficiency for its own sake, and how far apart these rich entrepreneurs and the Canadian government are.

What a pity Canada’s Environment Minister, John Baird, wasn’t invited to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York yesterday to counter the glib, partisan propaganda on global warming spouted by former U.S. president Bill Clinton and his soft-headed leftist followers, including the city’s Republican Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, senior executives from five of the world’s largest banks and four of its largest energy service companies.Astonishingly, this benighted band of marginal socialist cranks, joined by two dozen mayors of the world’s largest cities, has yet to be enlightened by the doctrine of the exalted Calgary School. These business and political thinkers have deluded themselves into believing there’s a good buck to be made – and lots of workers to be employed — in the business of tackling global warming. Yesterday, they announced an immediate $5-billion investment in the cause – for which they naively expect to be fully repaid, with interest.


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