Inconvenient rigour

Inconvenient Truth posterAn Inconvenient Truth is an excellent film, but it’s not an educational movie, per se. It has a very strong point of view and case to make, and not only about climate change — also about what an excellent fellow former vice-president Al Gore is.

Decent (all the Gores are, really, having gotten out of the tobacco business before getting out of tobacco was fashionable), modest (Al schleps his own stuff through the airport, where he stands in line like everyone else), thoughtful (gosh, but doesn’t he have the most extraordinary insights standing by a stream running through the old Gore land in Tennessee), and so on.

So it makes eminent sense to hold off on showing it in schools till it’s been properly vetted for curricular appropriateness, just like anything else. Heather Stilwell, an admittedly goofy school trustee in Surrey, B.C., is insisting that it be — probably for political rather than pedagogical reasons, but she’s right all the same.


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