You forgot the funny

One strategic weakness many environmentalists, especially leftie environmentalists, display far too often is humorlessness. In that vein, I give you…

  1. A week’s worth (and counting) of preachy, utterly unfunny Adam@Home comic strips featuring Adam quizzing son Clayton about “current events.”
  2. A disruptive stunt in Second Life (pointed out by Planetizen).

I’m unexpectedly affronted by Adam@Home in particular. I’ve never much known it to be laugh-out-loud funny, but at least you can normally see the effort in its daily joke. I understand where it might give people a chuckle. But would any editor pick up a strip as thunkingly boring as these? Go ahead and try to send a message if you want to, but not by abandoning the thing that’s supposed to make you worthwhile.


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