Starting with the easy stuff

Howard Moscoe headshotI haven’t said anything about the ambitious greenhouse-gas–reduction plan (PDF) the City of Toronto emitted last week, but Councillor Howard Moscoe, unusually, seems to have it exactly right:

“We’re at the warm and fuzzy stage,” noted Councillor Howard Moscoe (Ward 15, Eglinton-Lawrence). “Everyone likes to plant trees and save money by energy retro-fitting.

“But when you get to the tough decisions … that basically say to people, `You can’t bring your car downtown any more or you’re going to have to pay’ … that’s when the going gets tough. And that’s when politicians start bailing out.”

There are a lot of targets in the graphics-heavy document, very few proposed methods. My favourite is the one that’s simply, “Implement Transit City plan.” That’s the $2.4-billion plan for a network of light-rail lines for which the city has no funding, no detailed scoping or environmental assessments, really nothing more than a bunch of red lines on a map.

Gloria Lindsay Luby headshotCouncillor Gloria Lindsay Luby, incidentally, strikes me as a menace:

Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby, who also voted for the report, said she was driving to work yesterday and listening to callers to a radio station who were complaining about how wrong forecasters were about the weekend temperatures.

“The weatherman can’t predict the weather for the weekend, yet we’re going to predict it for the next century,” she said. “It’s kind of interesting, when you think about it.”

Not only has she not been paying attention to the public debate, but she’s drawn to the very dumbest argument on either side.


One response to “Starting with the easy stuff

  1. I think Mrs. Luby (Ward 4), needs to first understand there is a difference between weather and climate. It is in wards like her’s, that produce the largest amounts of pollutants and greenhouse gases per capita – trust me, I live there.

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