Surprising stats on coal power

The chart accompanying this Globe story on the prospects for the continued use of coal for electricity took me aback. Living in Ontario, I’m always hearing about how urgent it is that the provincial government get on with its policy of closing government-run coal plants. But Ontario is apparently much less dependent on coal than Alberta, Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia:

Coal-fired power by jurisdiction

  Percentage of total
Alberta 74%
Saskatchewan 63
Nova Scotia 60
Ontario 18
New Brunswick 14
Manitoba 1
Quebec 0
British Columbia 0
Newfoundland and Labrador 0
Prince Edward Island 0
Canada 17%
United States 50%

Also plenty interesting is this tidbit from the very end:

The MIT researchers suggest it would take a cost of carbon dioxide emissions of about $30 (U.S.) per tonne to create a sufficient economic incentive for utilities to adopt carbon-capture-and-storage technology.

Even last week’s Liberal plan calls for $30 (Canadian) a tonne on emissions above Kyoto targets starting in 2011


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